A message to you Rudy! Rudy’s Pizza- a right hidden gem in Ancoats

Rudy's Pizza 6

Saturday cocktails started a little too early this weekend.  I just shouldn’t drink at 5.30pm on an empty stomach.  Anyway we kicked off in Tarriff and Dale.  Love this place!  It’s a bit of a Northern Quarter cliche with it’s exposed brick walls and worn floor boards – but it’s done so well.  I went for an Amaretto Sour. Yum yum!

Rudy's Pizza 1
Amaretto Sour in Tarriff and Dale

After a second cocktail, we thought it was time to get some food in our bellies and strolled off to find Rudy’s Pizza in Ancoats.  We got a little bit lost but fortunately the overwhelming smell of pizza literally led us to its door. Rudy’s was rammed and they wouldn’t have a table for another hour and a half (argh booze and empty stomach disaster!) but we were so enamoured with the place that we decided to stick out.  They took my mobile so we could take a wander.  Nearby was a lovely and rather delightfully empty bar called the Cutting Room.  In fact this whole area of Ancoats was a very pleasant discovery for us.  Rudy’s and the Cutting Room are in a pristine and beautifully arranged square by  Halle St Peter’s (the deconsecrated church where the Halle Orchestra rehearse).  I spotted some posh benches in the square and made a note to myself for summer picnics.

Luckily for my increasingly sozzled head, we only had to wait an hour for Rudy’s to call us. And in we went.  Rudy’s is quite different to any pizzeria I’ve ever been in – it’s big and airy and feels a little industrial with lots of wooden benches to sit on.  The huge pizza oven is slap bang in the front of the restaurant with lots of cool looking dudes in baseball caps making the pizzas.

Rudy's Pizza 2
The pizza making dudes (apparently the smiley guy is the owner)

We were given our super cool perspex orange neon menus as we sat down. Nice touch!

Rudy's Pizza 3
Jamie and his neon menu!

Time to order! Jamie and I traditionally don’t order the same dish, but on this occasion I desperately regret not double ordering.  He went for the Ancozzese – a white pizza (ie no tomoto sauce) with wild broccoli and tuscan sausage.  I went for an inferior (but still extremely good) Calabrese – a spicy sausage pizza.

Rudy's Pizza 4
Calabrese pizza with soft Calabrian sausage that melts into the pizza

I spent the meal trying to beg bits of pizza off Jamie! The dough is made on site following the cultural tradition and artistry of Naples pizza. And it really is delicious.  I loved the atmosphere in Rudy’s – it’s felt New Yorky, off the beaten track, buzzy and chilled all at the same time.  There were fab subtle designery touches around the place from the neon menus to the pastel geometric shapes painted on the walls.  This place is quite literally effortlessly cool.  And the staff were lovely and just very normal and friendly and funny.  Do give it a whirl.

Rudy's Pizza 5
The unexpected drinking area at the back of Rudy’s

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