On target for 69 in 69


I may have been quiet on the blog, but Jamie and I are actually ahead of schedule for our 69 recipes cooked 69 days! So I’m going to tell you about recipes 16 through to 37 – that’s 22 recipes!

But in order not to bore myself or you I’ve made them into collages (scroll down to see). So what have we learnt, what were our favourites? Are we bored of the challenge yet?

Not bored, not bored at all! This challenge is bloody brilliant! I’ve realised that I think I love ALL my cookery books! It’s exciting trying to find recipes from my abandoned books.

What I’m also loving is that I’m trying to find a healthy slant on baking cakes.  We made some great ‘fruity muffins’ from The Ultimate Low Fat Cookery Book – very low sugar and fat, but the flavour came from the dates and the orange rind in the muffin. And the Women’s Institute Zuchinni and Lemon Muffins were a surprising winner – moist and zesty and light.

Another new discovery are vegetable tarts made with ready made puff pastry (see beetroot and tomato tarts on the collage below).  Roll out some puff pastry (it costs about £1.25), shove some veg and goats cheese on – whack it in the oven for 20 minutes and you have a really delicious dinner.

And our favourites?  Now that’s tricky.  I can honestly say I don’t think we’ve cooked anything I haven’t liked.  But Nigella’s pasta with mackerel, marsala and pine nuts was a sensational lunch.  My brother came over on a sunday recently and Jamie, my brother and I l literally sat in appreciative silence eating this meal – it was rich, juicy and tasty.

We’ve gained a new enthusiasm for broccoli rice and cauliflower rice.  Hemsley Hemsley’s Adobo chicken with broccoli rice was a really satisfying, filling meal and must have been really low calorie.  And the Foodie Teen’s curried cauliflower rice which we ate with salmon patties was a brilliant idea. Oh and courgetti with homemade pesto! You’ve got to try it – I thought it sounded a bit uninspiring but picked it because we needed a light lunch.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  All of about 300 calories but a really rich, flavourful meal.  And while we’re bigging up the low cal recipes, Anna Richardson’s Garlicky Baked Mushrooms were sensational – whack some hazelnuts, garlic, parsley and oil in a food processor – then put this crumble mixture onto portabello mushrooms and bake for 15 mins – and out comes a delightful healthy lunch.

That’s all from me for this blog post – I’ll leave you to have a good nosy at all the photos. Has anyone else embraced the cookbook challenge? I’d love to hear about it if you have.

cookbook 2
Fish curry, tomato pasta, salmon patties, courgette pasta, chicken adobo,

collage 1 bundt, thug, beet, aubergine, strogcollage 2 spinach chicken, beanotto, pea risotto, strawberry cake lentil bolognaisecollage 5 mackerel pasta, courgette muffins, pesto courgetti, baked mushroomscollage 4 fruit muffins cucumber tom tart

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  1. Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog and what a fantastic challenge! I’ve also got a couple of shelves of cookbooks that I rarely use. I’d love to use them more but I’m just not organised enough! I may have to borrow your challenge but adapt it a little – maybe to cook something from eat book by the end of the year.

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