Confessions of an Ice-Cream Addict


I’ve always had a sweet tooth and for probably about 18 months now I’ve been eating ice-cream every evening, and sometimes I have seconds too. Not to mention the sweet treats I sneak in during the day.  On the odd occasion that Jamie has suggested I try and curb my ice-cream ritual, he soon lives to regret it.

I feel like I’m just about getting away with this habit – I’m a size ten and a healthy weight, I’m rarely ill and I exercise a lot.  My sugar habit feels like a fair reward for all the running I do.

However I keep getting this creeping feeling that if I could crack my ice-cream addiction there would be a shed load of benefits.

I would like to be a little bit lighter – my clothes just look that bit better when I’m five pounds lighter.  And I just wonder what my skin might look like if i wasn’t mainlining so much sugar.  Perhaps it would reveal a new radiancy I’ve never experienced before? 

I’m curious about my moods and energy levels, if I wasn’t regularly spiking my energy levels with refined sugar would I feel more energetic, calmer, happier?

And what about the long term health effects? Whilst I may not be fast tracking my way to a chronic disease with my daily frozen tipple (it’s not like I’m smoking 20 a day) I still think I’m not properly protecting myself from potential illnesses in the future.  If I put more good nutrition in my body in place of all the sugary snacks I would be giving my body it’s best possible chance to fight any diseases that come its way – whether that’s a cold or cancer.

These thoughts have been whirring around in my head for a good few months (or years even), so the New Year seems like a good opportunity to seek some help and find out whether addressing my sugar addiction would have a positive impact on my life.

I don’t want to attempt this healthy eating journey alone, so I’m enlisting the help of Michelle Pratt, a weight management coach.  We will be meeting soon to discuss ways of tackling my ‘problem’. I chose Michelle because she digs deep into the mindset and motivation of behaviour around food.  This seems like a highly sensible approach as I don’t just want to implement some healthy eating measures for January and then slip back into my old ways come February.  I want a long term change.

I’ll be tracking my healthy eating journey on my blog and social media, so look out for updates – and please get in touch if you want to share your own similar journey or if you have any tips for me.





8 thoughts on “Confessions of an Ice-Cream Addict

  1. Hi Katya

    Good of you to be so honest. I would say my food vices are fat chips and ice cream. I tend to hate most shop bought ones so I make loads of my own. When it’s in the freezer I will. like yourself, eat some everyday. Luckily I don’t make it all the time. When it’s not there, I don’t miss it. If it is there I have to have some.

    Ultimately, there are far worse things you could eat everyday.

    1. I’ll be intrigued to find out what tactic Michelle the coach suggests for me. I don’t want to deprive myself too much! I think a little of what you fancy isn’t a bad thing. Mmm I like fat chips too!

  2. Sounds like you’ve already got the right mindset. Michelle is awesome you’ll definitely crack it with your mindset and her ability to dig a bit deeper into your thinking. I’m a long way behind you but seeing results and still working on it which is more than I have ever done before (I usually give up after losing a couple of stone). 2 more to go…..

    1. Great to hear things are going so well with your coaching. I’ve chatted a lot over the past few months with Michelle about how she works with the mindset stuff. I think it’s fascinating and I’m looking forward to finding out more.

  3. Sounds interesting. I used to be very good with the not snacking on sugary stuff thing. But Christmas has really ruined it this year. Slowly trying to break the habit.

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