My Office of Dreams

dressing yellow Oliver Bonas dress

Jamie started hassling me before Christmas about creating an office.  I couldn’t really be arsed but he was very insistent that if I was starting a business in January I needed my own space. And he was getting fed up of my work papers, notebooks and pens being strewn all over the house.

So we started clearing out the small box room at the back of the house, former dumping ground for Jamie’s work equipment, random bike accessories and a tumble dryer.

Next up was choosing a colour scheme. I’d been very inspired by some geometric walls I’d seen on Pinterest so I thought we could give that a whirl.

Geometric: Pinterest Inspiration
Pinterest inspiration

We looked up how to do it on YouTube (it’s all about the masking tape) and went to B&Q to stock up on paint – we chose four tester pot colours for the feature wall, and then later on decided to use the mint green colour to paint the rest of the office.

Geometric: tester paint pots
Tester paint pots

I was pleased with the results but the room looked a little empty and lifeless.  We had no furniture or pictures.

Fast forward to Christmas and Jamie gave me a surprise fancy computer for my new office. No wonder he was so keen to get the office completed before the end of the year.  We also used the Christmas holidays to dash out to Ikea and get a lovely super comfy, super supportive Markus swivel chair and order a scandi style desk from John Lewis.

Geometric: Markus Swivel Chair Ikea
Markus swivel chair from Ikea
Geometric: John Lewis skandi style desk
John Lewis skandi style desk

So the office was nearly there, but the walls looked a bit bare, so I found a couple of huge old notice boards that I’d been storing and pinned on some memorabilia and inspiring pictures, nailed them up and finally the office felt complete.

Geometric: Katya in her office
In my sanctuary

I cannot tell you how much this new office has impacted my life.  It feels like a wonderfully creative and peaceful place where I can be really focussed.  And when I’m holding a social media coaching session it’s the perfect space for teaching.  And everyone always like to take a picture of themselves against the wall.

Geometric: Katya and a client working
Myself and a client working very hard

3 thoughts on “My Office of Dreams

  1. I love the geometric design on the wall and your colour scheme seems like it would make it a very positive space to work ing. Love it!

    Bec x

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