Dressing Better At 40

dressing Katya with Yorkshire Blankets Shawl

This is subjective, but I think I’m dressing better at 40!

So how and why has this happened?

One big reason is the influence of Instagram. There are a lot of women my age/mid thirties on Instagram just nailing their own look and wearing it with pride.

One of my favourites on Instagram is Alison Perry.   Her clothes are just so vibrant, fun and stylish.

dressing alison perry's instagram feed
Alison Perry’s instagram feed

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up but I had got a little set in my ways with what I was wearing.  I knew what suited me and stuck to it.  But seeing these ladies on Instagram really owning their style, wearing bright colours and glorious dramatic outfits made me want to join in.

And this tied in with me embarking on a new career as a social media coach.  I wanted outfits that popped and demonstrated my confidence.  If I am to walk into a room full of strangers to pitch for business I need to convey self belief and good clothes that suit my personality will help me do that.

So I had a good think about how to upgrade my wardrobe while I was lazing about on holiday in Goa back in November.  I contacted a few stylish friends and just asked straight out ‘where do I need to start shopping?’.  I also got in touch with a very stylish Manchester blogger and Instagrammer I admire, Old Fashioned Susie and asked if she had any shopping recommendations.

The list thrown back at me was pretty much this:

  • Oliver Bonas (already a firm favourite for me)
  • Uniqlo
  • Anthropologie
  • & Other Stories
  • Whistles
  • Kin (a John Lewis line)
  • Cos
  • Boden

And Old Fashioned Susie recommended I check  out The Kat Got The Cream a Leeds style blogger for ideas.

Over the next couple of months there were some internet purchases, a shopping trip to London with my friend Jo who has an excellent eye for style, many trips to the new Oliver Bonas at Manchester Piccadilly station and as a result I think it’s fair to say my wardrobe has moved on.

So do you want to see the outcome?

dressing J Crew T'Shirt
One of a range of simple J Crew T Shirts I ‘invested’ in
dressing yellow Oliver Bonas dress
What a colour pop! Love this Oliver Bonas yellow dress. It’s pretty bold
dressing Oliver Bonas dress and necklace
Another Oliver Bonas number with an Oliver Bonas statement necklace
dressing Coral Boden Coat
My first Boden purchase. I adore the colour of this coat!
dressing Top Shop Jeans, Oliver Bonas jumper and handbag
Top Shop petite jeans (a must for anyone short!), Oliver Bonas polo neck and handbag
dressing star dress from And Other Stories
My twinkly star dress from & Other Stories

Hilariously I mainly went back to my own personal favourites – Top Shop, J Crew and Oliver Bonas, but taking a step back and rethinking my look has certainly paid off. Getting dressed in the mornings is so much more fun and if I do say so myself, I’ve developed a little confidence swagger off the back of it.

Have any of you had a restyle lately or are thinking of doing one? Let me know how you’ve got on or what you plan to do.

6 thoughts on “Dressing Better At 40

  1. And yes you do look fabulous!!
    I think Instagram helps as it makes you rethink your wardrobe a bit, restyling something in a different way and it’s a bugger for making you spend!! i think Oasis would be good for you especially their dresses as they’re often quite petite in style, quite often they’re too short for me 😐

    1. Thanks Jan! Yes Instagram does tempt you to spend doesn’t it?! And I do like Oasis – I’ve got a few bits in my wardrobe from there. Good to see you today! X

  2. You are looking good, Katya! I also feel I’m more fashionable now in my 30s than I was in my early 20s. You are never too old for bright colours and you really do pop!

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