Sitting Cross Legged Hurts: a Week of Yoga

yoga katya attempting yoga

It’s week three of my six week reboot and this week I threw myself into yoga.

I thought ten minutes of yoga a day would be a doddle.  It wasn’t!  But neither was it hard. And I’m glad I did it.

My friend recommended ‘Yoga with Adriene’ on YouTube as a gentle introduciton to yoga.

Initially I found Adriene very American, overcheery and annoying.  She says ‘hey-o’ a lot.  Oh yes and she’s enviably hot as well.

However with time, I warmed to Adriene, she was actually funny, playful and great at explaining how to do the moves without being too prescriptive.

I was supremely lazy in my approach to my ten minutes a day.  Most of the time I just did the same easy introductory ten minutes of Adriene’s session, which involved sitting on the floor cross legged and doing a few stretches and breathing exercises.  On two occasions I advanced to the next ten minutes of her session where she gets on all fours and does some back arching and a downward facing dog.

I’ve discovered sitting cross-legged is now painful for me (gutted – I must be getting old!), I improved the situation a little by sitting on a pillow.  And although the stretching and breathing exercises were all very simple and unstrenuous – I did feel the benefits.  I think yoga, like meditation, slows you down and grounds you, and as a stressy, excitable person this can only be a good thing for me. My brain often becomes a hurricane of ideas and worries and I don’t know how to stop the spinning and obsessing.  Ten minutes of yoga a day helped.  Even just having to work out how to do the bloody stretches and moves shut my brain up for a bit.

It was a reality check discovering how unflexible I am.  I pride myself on exercising a lot and being quite fit.  But sadly my body doesn’t appear to be very bendy. I’d definitely like to continue with yoga to get more supple.  And I’d like to persevere for my mental health and to improve my relaxation.  I suspect if I did a few yoga moves every evening it would help me wind down for sleep.

yoga i like this stretch
I like this stretch!

It’s been an eye opener to discover that I can actually do a yoga programme at home.  Getting out of the house in the evening and going to a class is a bit unrealistic for me.  So now, I really don’t have any excuse.  We’ll see. Fingers crossed I’ll keep it up at least once or twice a week.

My blogging buddy Debbie is doing the six week reboot with me, and has been attempting yoga as well this week.  She’s more of a yoga pro than me though. Read how she got on here: properfoodie

yoga debbie does yoga
Debbie doing more advanced yoga moves than me

And if you’re interested – as promised in my last blog post I’m managing to maintain giving up decaf coffee and sugar-free squash.  I can barely believe I’m still at it.  Chuffed, but the earth isn’t really moving in terms of feeling dramatic health benefits, other than sleeping really well, which is great.

Next week’s reboot challenge is to Marie Kondo my house. For those who haven’t heard of her, she’s a decluttering guru.  The main principle is to chuck out anything that doesn’t give you joy. I’m going to dedicate 15 minutes a day to the method. I must say, I’m really excited about this one, I can’t wait to dump stuff and get my house organised.  I’ll let you know how I get on.


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  1. I’ve just downloaded a yoga app and the first thing I noticed was how inflexible I’ve become. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I look forward to hearing about your journey 🙂

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