Extreme Digital Detox

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For week six of my reboot I went hardcore with an extreme digital detox.

The previous week I survived a daily iPhone curfew from 8pm to 7am.  This week I banned all screens (tv/phone/computers) from 8pm to 7am.

I thought it would be a breeze as I found giving up my phone such a doddle.

So, no telly was not so easy.  Admittedly two of the days I was on holiday in Copenhagen so no screen was no great hardship.  Although getting the plane home without a screen was weird. I bought Red magazine and read every article which I really enjoyed, it made a change from zoning out and staring at a Netflix film.

Then the following evenings were back at home, where my resolute routine is watching tv every evening if I’m in.  I didn’t realise quite how important this ritual is to me until I wasn’t allowed to do it. Wednesday night, Jamie went off into the lounge to watch the City match and I was left in the dining room to entertain myself.  I grabbed a pile of books and once I’d settled in and got comfy with a blanket and gotten into a book, it was really pleasant.

Thursday night, I was getting a bit frustrated as I was tired and I just wanted to kick back and watch telly in the evening.  I’d been working hard in my office and ‘deserved’ it! Instead Jamie and I played scrabble.  I was on top scrabble form, we played three games of scrabble and I did a seven letter word in each game.  Unheard of.  Maybe the detox was making me more clever?!  Usually when I play scrabble I’m browsing on my phone at the same time.  Fully concentrating allowed me to play better.

Friday night after a 15 mile Peak District walk with the Fresh Walk crew I would have just loved to rest my aching bones on the sofa, but no, I was committed to no TV and again played scrabble.  Thursday’s genius had clearly faded though as Jamie thrashed me.

Finally on Saturday night, after a long day in Reading visting my dad, I really really could have done with a chill out in front of the tv.  But we got the scrabble board out again and by now the novelty had worn off.  I have to admit it wasn’t my ideal saturday night.

I’ve missed TV quite a bit this week.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had just been a couple of nights off the tv.  In the coming months as the evenings get longer I intend to stop being a coach potato and do some gardening/go for walks and generally shake things up a bit. But I do still want to watch TV on some nights!  However I’m still really appreciating the iPhone curfew – that’s been an absolute joy, it’s almost a relief to not be swiping all the time.

digital detox thursday
My shortlived scrabble genius on thursday

Debbie, my co-rebooter has been tackling hydration this week and attempted to drink 2-3 litres of water a day.  It’s been challenging, but interesting. Read how she’s got along here: ProperFoodie

digital detox hydration
Debbie tried to flourish with water like her flowers

Next Week

You may think the reboot is over now we’ve completed the six week plan.  However Debbie (my co-rebooter) and I have decided to do one final week, doing a pick and mix of all our favourite reboot challenges.

So I’m going to:

  • Continue with no drinking of decaff coffee and diet squash (not hard as I’ve kept that up anyway)
  • Continue with the iPhone curfew from 8pm – 7am daily as I think it’s brilliant
  • Meditate for ten minutes a day as it’s easy and rewarding
  • I will do a spot of Marie Kondo decluttering here and there.

I’ll update you at the end of the week!

2 thoughts on “Extreme Digital Detox

  1. haha you did so well hun!! might I suggest bananagrams to shake things up a bit, faster pace then scrabble, it’s a popular one in our household 🙂

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