Pick n’ Mix Reboot Week

After Debbie and I finished our 6 week reboot last week, we decided to throw in one last challenge.  A pick and mix week of all our favourite tasks.

I went for:

  1. Continuing to abstein from decaffeinated coffee and diet squash
  2. Meditating for ten mins a day
  3. Marie Kondo-ing (aka decluttering) here and there
  4. Turning my iPhone off from 8pm to 7am everyday

I’m very proud of the fact that for six weeks in total now (since week two of the reboot) I haven’t touched diet squash or decaffeinated coffee.  Both contain chemicals and personally I think I drank so much of both that the artificial taste of the drinks was blunting my palette. Not what I want as a foodie.  I’m delighted to be off the stuff.  However drinks have become a bit boring lately – there’s only so much water and a herbal tea a girl can drink!

Reboot Trying to spice up my water with a bit of mint
Trying to spice up my water with a bit of mint

I’m loving meditating again.  And ten minutes a day is very achievable.  I’ve even done it with my headphones on the train.  I’m working my way through the guided meditations on Tara Brach’s website.  She’s so calming and grounding.  I think meditation is excellent for dealing with anxiety and stress and just putting you in a good head space.  I’m going to try to keep it up (easier said than done though!).

Marie Kondo is a decluttering guru and I applied her principles in week 4 of the reboot.  I haven’t done extreme Marie Kondo-ing this week like I did in week 4.  However I’d say I did some ‘light’ Marie Kondo-ing.  I finally took all the unwanted ‘joyless’ bags of clothes and books that I had packed up to Barnados and re-re-organised my bathroom cabinet and my make up and wardrobe.  Nothing streneous, but it made me feel really positive and focussed.

And turning off my iPhone at 8pm (ish!) every night is still proving to be a revelation.  I don’t miss it one bit.  And I don’t get that irksome feeling in the evenings anymore that I’m wasting my time staring inanely at videos of puppies on Facebook.  It feels like a very healthy new habit.

I’ve found this ‘gentle’ reboot a lot of fun. And it’s proved to me that I’ve got more self discipline than I realised.  Whilst it hasn’t radically transformed my life, I feel like I’ve gained some useful tools I can call on to help me nurture my mental and physical health.

Debbie’s also been doing a mash up approach this week for her reboot.  If you’d like to read about how she got on here’s the link: ProperFoodie

reboot slow cooker chicken tikka curry
Slow cooker chicken tikka curry

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