It Ain’t Easy Being Green

green katya with a watering can

After the success of my reboot, I was hungry for a new challenge.  I really enjoyed taking gentle steps to improve my well being.

So, what next?

Something I’ve been discussing with friends recently is how whilst I’m really bothered and worried about the environment, I fail to do anything particularly proactive about it.

Yes I cycle, I recycle, I’m careful about food waste and where I can I will take my unwanted possessions to a charity shop.  But beyond that I do little.  And if I’m honest I’ve happily turned a bit of a blind eye to the worrying state of the environment, because it’s too frightening to spend too much time thinking about.  And it often seems expensive and time consuming to care about the environment.

For example I love shopping with Amazon Prime – I mainline books and it’s the cheapest fastest way for me to get hold of them.

But I’m aware that:

a) I hate the way Amazon pack products excessively

b) I know Amazon have a bad environmental record

c) Personally I don’t really want to be lining the pockets of Amazon billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos

But unfortunately despite my political and environmental vaguely good intentions, I’m lazy, busy and have little cash to work out an alternative.

And apart from my  Amazon habit, I, like most people in the UK, consume a lot of stuff.  I like nice clothes, meals out, I shop at supermarkets, I go abroad several times a year.

However, I’m not ready to radicalise my life just yet, but just like my 6 week reboot, I think it would be fun and interesting to attempt some baby steps to improve my ‘greeness’.  I want to approach it in a creative, realistic way that won’t feel like punishment and will benefit me.

Unsurprisingly as a foodie, I’ve chosen food to be my focus.  And in the spirit of the reboot I’m going to give myself 6 weeks to approach this challenge, choosing a different task each week.

This is what I’ve come up with:

  1. Start growing my own veg
  2. Get a veg box – it will contain local produce with no plastics and minimum packaging
  3. Use up as many random abandoned ingredients in my cupboards and freezer as possible
  4. Go foraging and cook with the finds
  5. Go vegan for a week – mass produced dairy and meat is known to leave a massive carbon footprint – going vegan is a good green option
  6. Do my weekly shop from the Unicorn organic produce and wholefoods shop in Chorlton and chat with the employees to find out a bit more about the ethos behind the shop

Watch out for my weekly updates and if you have any tips or thoughts on the subject, please do comment!

green what a pro at watering the garden
What a pro at watering the gardening!

Green katya watering the garden
Oh man, have I broken this?

Green katya nailing the watering of the garden again
Yay! Nailing it again!

2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Easy Being Green

  1. Seeing these photos of you in the garden makes me extremely jealous, I miss having a garden. It’s so important that we start changing our actions towards being green.

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