Weeky Eats 22nd April 2017

eat chicken, fennel, orange and honey

I’m extremely pleased with my eating this week.  Let me tell you about it.

My friend Anna came to stay over Easter so we pulled out all the stops and made a Hemsley and Hemsley slow roasted lamb recipe.  The lamb was delicious, but the kale mint salad was spectacular: kale, uncooked leek, lemon juice and mint worked as a fresh light compliment to the meat.  And I adored the cauliflower mash!

Slow Roasted Lamb With Anchovies And Kale Mint Salad

Eat Slow Roasted Lamb With Anchovies & Kale Mint Salad
Slow Roasted Lamb With Anchovies & Kale Mint Salad

Butterscotch Tiffin, Wolfhouse Kitchen, Altrincham Market

I wanted to show off Altrincham Market to Anna who lives in London.  She was suitably impressed.  And the butterscotch tiffin from Wolfhouse Kitchen was excellent.

Eat Butterscotch Tiffin, Wolfhouse Kitchen
Butterscotch Tiffin, Wolfhouse Kitchen

Mezze Platter, Pokusevski’s, Heaton Moor

After our mid morning cake snack at Alty Market, we needed a light lunch.  Pokusevski’s delivered with tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush, flatbreads and falafels.  A combination I’ve had many times, but with varying degrees of quality.  Pokuesvki’s did a fine job – it was all very fresh and tasty and beautifully served.  The staff were delightful too.

Eat Mezze Platter, Pokusevski's
Mezze Platter, Pokusevski’s

Bundobust, Manchester

I’ve been hearing good things about this Indian street food venue for a while.  And it’s all veggie.  The venue is quirky, fun and stylish and very spacious which I always appreciate. We ordered the lunch express menu – four dishes for £14 which worked out as a lot of food, so a real bargain.  We had okra fries, massala dosa (pancakes with a potato mix rolled inside), egg bhurji (Indian scrambled eggs) and bhel puri (a bit like a hot bombay spice mix).  The food was top notch, the staff were super helpful and the decor and atmosphere hit the spot for me.

Eat Bundobust, Manchester
Bundobust, Manchester

Lunch Express Menu, Bundobust, Manchester

Eat Lunch Express Menu, Bundobust
Lunch Express Menu, Bundobust

Courgette and Aubergine Curry, Hemsley and Hemsley

A mid week easy tea which was healthy and quick to make.

Eat Courgette And Aubergine Curry
Courgette And Aubergine Curry

Slow Cooked Tuscan Wild Boar Shoulder And Beef Shin Ragu, Sugo Restaurant, Altrincham

I met up with a friend on thursday for dinner and we chose to go to Sugo.  We’d both been meaning to go here for ages.  In my case I’d tried on a few occasions but the restaurant was always fully booked which is a sign of it’s massive popularity. It’s opposite Altrincham Market – it’s small and rustic and buzzy.  The pasta isn’t cheap – my wild boar ragu was £17.50, but you get what you pay for – good quality food, excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere.  I’ll definitely go back.

Eat Slow Cooked Tuscan Wild Boar Shoulder And Beef Shin Ragu
Slow Cooked Tuscan Wild Boar Shoulder And Beef Shin Ragu

Chicken And Fennel With Honey, Mustard And Orange, Diana Henry, A Change of Appetite

This was a perfect friday night tea – simple to make – just bung a load of ingredients in the oven and leave it to bake.  It felt like a rather glamourous friday night treat.  Thanks Diana Henry – I always like your food.

Eat Chicken And Fennel With Honey, Mustard And Orange
Chicken And Fennel With Honey, Mustard And Orange

See you all next week with my next update from my eating journal!

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