Cooking The Books: Leon Happy Salads

This seems like a very timely review with the first Leon restaurant having just opened in Manchester.

For those who haven’t heard of the Leon restaurant chain, they serve super healthy and imaginative ‘fast food’, including very delicious salads.

Leon Happy Salads is the brand’s truly joyful cookbook with many inspiring and colourful salad ideas.  I couldn’t wait to get to stuck in.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking as you don’t need my words to sell these beauties. We thoroughly enjoyed every one of these.  There’s so much more you can do with salads than serving bland iceberg lettuce and tomatoes –  and with these recipes we covered an exotic range from crab, asparagus, ceviche and peri-peri chicken to harrisa prawns.

We are looking foward to more sunny days so we can work our way through the entire book.

Harissa Prawns With Bulgar

salad Harissa prawns with bulgar
Harissa prawns with bulgar

Cauchoise: Ham, Herb And Potato Salad

Salad Cauchoise: Ham, Herb And Potato Salad
Cauchoise: ham, herb and potato salad

Greek Salad With Fried Feta

salad greek salad
Greek salad

Coconut Kinilaw With Ceviche And Mango

salad Coconut kinilaw with ceviche and mango
Coconut kinilaw with ceviche and mango

Very Peri-Peri Chicken

salad very peri-peri chicken
Very peri-peri chicken

Sausage Pasta

Salad Sausage Pasta
Sausage pasta

Asparagus, crab and potato

salad Asparagus, crab and potato
Asparagus, crab and potato

Red Cabbage With Bacon And Goat’s Cheese

Red cabbage with bacon and goat's cheese
Red cabbage with bacon and goat’s cheese

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