The Crap Gardener

garden katya in the garden

As part of my new ‘fun’ environmental project, I take on a planet friendly food project each week, and this week it was gardening.  I didn’t like it.

I liked going to the garden centre and picking a fascinating array of plants and herbs (rainbow beets and carrots!), that I could do with bells on.  But the planting stuff.  Boring!

garden Exciting range of plants
Exciting range of plants

Poor Jamie did most of the work.  My heart was not in it.  I grumpily and half heartedly potted some carrot and beet ‘plugs’ (seedlings with roots), courgettes and herbs.  But Jamie really did the graft.

I liked watering, that was fun.  But I was happiest when it was finished and I could go in the kitchen and bake a cake!

garden I may be a crap gardener, but look at what an amazing waterer I am
I may be a crap gardener, but look at what an amazing waterer I am

However, I am expecting to be thoroughly enthusiastic about the progress of the seedlings and obviously the finished product.

I suspect my other ‘green’ food challenges in the coming weeks, will be more up my street, and you will see the return of enthusiastic Katya.

On thursday I receive a Riverford veggie box, so that’s the next project.  Cooking for a week with a veg box which is environmentally friendly because there’s less packaging, less travel involved (most of the produce is from a farm in Yorkshire) and it’s all seasonal.

See you next week for an update.

4 thoughts on “The Crap Gardener

  1. My Mum absolutely loves gardening and I don’t know why!! I love walking around garden centers and know that when I have my own garden that will be the most/only enjoyable bit for me haha! Will be so exciting to cook with your home grown veg though!! Can’t wait to hear all about the veg progress!!

    Laura xx

  2. That’s awesome that you’ve signed up with a vegetable box! It really does create nice challenges in the kitchen as you learn to cook what you have. Eating seasonally is wonderful

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