Having Your Cake And Eating It!

healthy chocolate and chestnut cake

As you may have gathered from reading my blog posts this year, I have a very sweet tooth that interferes with my desire to eat healthily. I have been very open about my ice-cream addiction and my attempts to curb my evening treat.

So a big theme for me this year has been finding a healthier alternative for dessert.  And ‘healthy’ cakes have become a thing for me.

When I say healthy, I think it’s more accurate to say it contains a few more wholesome ingredients than the original. The recipes are still loaded with sugar and fat.   And whether that’s in the form of maple syrup and coconut oil, too much of it still isn’t good for you.

But I do take great comfort in knowing that when I’m eating a healthier version of a cake, it might be doing me a little bit of good at the same time.

My favourite cookbook for these treats at the moment is Love, Bake, Nourish  It was a birthday present back in May, and for the last two months I’ve cooked the sh*t out of it!

Unfortunately I was too lazy to take photos of all of my efforts, but let me tell you about my greedy cakey couple of months.

For starters I really enjoyed the following:

  • Courgette and apple
  • Maple pecan
  • Orange, almond & pistachio
  • Coconut
  • Chocolate beetroot

And pretty much unanimously, they’ve all been AWESOME.

And the four pictured below are my absolute faves:

  • Banana and cinnamon
  • Chocolate and chestnut
  • Spiced scented carrot cake with a crumble topping
  • Nutmeg love

Amber Rose the author tends to use spelt flour instead of refined flour, which is much more nutritious, she also uses honey, maple syrup or brown sugar instead of refined sugar.  And the use of a lot of nuts, veg and fruit in her cakes bumps up the goodness levels.

I tell you what though, those ingredients may make the recipes healthier, but actually they seem to elevate the flavours.  I’ve been really impressed with complex, interesting taste of the cakes.  All of them were rich and indulgent and really satisfying.  Most were quite pudding like in that they were quite dense and moist, and I was all over that.

I can’t wait to crack on and cook everything in the book. Next on my list is the  passion fruit and lime syrup cake.  Mmm.

healthy Banana and cinnamon cake
Banana and cinnamon cake
healthy chocolate and chestnut cake
Chocolate and chestnut cake
healthy Spiced scented carrot cake with a crumble topping
Spiced scented carrot cake with a crumble topping
healthy Nutmeg love cake
Nutmeg love cake

3 thoughts on “Having Your Cake And Eating It!

  1. I like cake too much to let vegetables near it 😛 Have you tried making almond or coconut milk ice cream? A vegan friend served some recently and I was pleasantly surprised!

  2. YUM. These cakes look delicious. I tend to stay away from all cake when trying to be healthy but I like the idea that if I do get tempted, there will be something good in these cakes. Tempted to bake now!

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