Instagram Training

I’ve been obsessed with Instagram for a while, I’ve been poring over the content for the past couple of years – admiring accounts, interacting with the community and figuring out how the very best Instagram accounts work.

In the last year Instagram has become huge.  With more than twice the amount of active users as Twitter, we need to pay attention to its power.  In particular if you are a visually orientated business, Instagram will work wonders for you, for example: restaurants, hairdressers, tattoo artists, personal trainers, beauty salons, fashion, interiors, travel, florists.

I offer one to one bespoke Instagram coaching and I can teach you:

  • how to create relevant, juicy content
  • how to compose photos that have the Instagram wow factor, just by using your smart phone
  • how to gain followers and get engagement in an authentic sustainable way.

Together we can work together to build an Instagram strategy for your business.  And if you want to get your staff on board too, I can design a tailored workshop for your team.

If you’d like to have a chat to find out more about what I offer please contact me at or 07766110497.