It’s Not About The Ice-Cream


In my recent blog post Confessions of an Ice-Cream Addict  I admitted I have a bit of a problem with this frozen snack.  Here’s an update on my attempt to rein my habit in.

First things first.  I’m still eating ice-cream, in fact I had a fantastic scoop of the stuff last night at the cinema.  However I would argue that I’ve made huge progress in discovering that my problem is not the ice-cream.  It’s what’s driving me to eat the ice-cream.

Michelle Pratt a weight loss coach has been rummaging around in my head to try and find out why my daily hit is so important to me and the benefit I’m gaining from it.

We discovered it’s a crutch for me.  Whilst I’m thoroughly enjoying setting up my own business as a social media coach, it can be scary, exhausting and lonely.  I don’t know how things are going to pan out so I’m consciously and subconsciously dealing with a lot of uncertainty.  I also have to be incredibly motivated every day.  There’s no one to tell me what to do or tell me off if I don’t do it. And I’m learning all the time.  How to take better photos, how to file for my taxes, how to use photoshop, how to load various plug ins onto my blog, how to optimise hashtags on instagram.  I love learning but it’s tiring.  So ice-cream has become my certainty and my comfort.  However much of a rollercoaster of a day I have I know I can count of my bowl of Ben and Jerrys.

This was a revelation to me.  Michelle and I are now going to explore exactly which of my needs aren’t being met in my day to day work life.  And then if we can figure out a way of meeting those needs, we might be able to curb my sweet tooth.

Michelle busy figuring out why I eat ice-cream

Alongside the sessions with Michelle I’ve also started to look at healthier alternatives for my sweet tooth and I’ve made some enjoyable discoveries.  First of all I’ve become a big fan of Simone’s Healthy Bakery at the Arndale Centre in Manchester. They have a variety of options, mainly gluten free, diary free and vegan.  And you really wouldn’t know, they all just taste like great cakes. In the photo of me at the top of the blog I’m devouring a vegan and gluten free matcha cupcake.  It was incredible.

ice-cream 2
Simone’s Bakery vegan vanilla and chocolate swirl cupcakes

I’ve also had a dabble at making my own healthy cakes.  I tried Hemsley and Hemsley ginger biscuits made with ground almonds and maple syrup and they were pretty good.  But the real triumph were the Hemsley and Hemsley brownies made with black beans and raw cacao.  They were way too good to be healthy.

ice-cream 3
My Hemsley and Hemsley ginger biscuits
ice-cream 4
Hemsley and Hemsley black bean brownie

Whilst I haven’t quite nailed this healthy eating/giving up ice-cream lark yet.  I’m delighted with the support I’m getting with Michelle and feel that when we truly get to the root of why I’ve become so dependent on ice-cream and how to get those needs met in a more helpful way, I won’t be quite so dependent on my evening fix.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not About The Ice-Cream

  1. I think that’s the same reason most of us, drink/eat things we maybe shouldn’t. I’ve had a tough day I need a glass of wine, I’ve had a great day I’ll have a glass of wine!! Same with chocolate. 😊

    1. Yes you’re right I think most of us have little crutches don’t we! Wine and chocolate and other staples of mine 😊

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