Six Week Reboot: A Week of Zen

I must admit I was looking forward to this challenge.   I suspected that slipping ten minutes of meditating into my day would be an easy, enjoyable task.  For many years I’ve intended to bring meditation into my life as whenever I have tried it, I’ve found it profoundly relaxing and positive.  Finally this could be my opportunity to make it a habit.

And it really was easy.  My friend is a huge fan of Tara Brach so I had a look online and found a Tara Brach ten minute meditation and every morning, generally around 8am I’d sit in my office on my comfy ergonomic chair and get stuck in.

Meditation Tara Brach
Tara Brach, American pyschologist and meditation guru
meditation katya meditating in office
Meditating in my office

It mainly involved a lot of deep breathing and being quiet and being soothed by Tara’s lovely calm voice.

Whilst I wouldn’t call it life changing, I could feel that it was doing me good.  Life can feel frenzied at the moment.  Starting a business means that I’m torn in multiple directions and don’t have a consistent routine.  So a dose of meditation was a welcome break and helped me feel more grounded and confident and able to make better decisions.  I find my best decisions always come from a place of calm.

And the ten minutes a day has given me a taste for meditating.  It’s left me curious and wanting to delve deeper and discover more.  I believe that reaching a deep sense of quiet is incredibly good for mental health and it’s excellent for creativity which is the holy grail when you are an entrepreneur.

So I’d like to try some longer meditations and see how I get on.  I will let you know.

And this week my reboot partner in crime, Debbie, has been mastering the Bullet Journal.  The hope is that the journal will help Debbie organise her time better.  Check out how Debbie got on: Proper Foodie Bullet Journal

Meditation Debbie's Bullet Journal
Debbie’s Bullet Journal

Next week’s task for me is to drink only water, hot water with lemon and herbal tea for a week (although the odd glass of booze is ok!).  The motivation behind this is because I mainline decaff coffee and diet squash.  Both of which I know are full of chemicals, so shouldn’t be my main form of liquid consumption.  I think it will be good to just have a break from squash and decaff coffee. I’m curious to see if a) it makes me feel better and b) if it affects my palate at all – will I be able taste more?

I’m not looking forward to this one like I was meditating.  This is a toughie as I get a bit grumpy without my squash and coffee.

See you next week for another update! And if you’re giving anything up or embarking on new healthy habits do comment below – I’d love to hear about it.

6 thoughts on “Six Week Reboot: A Week of Zen

  1. Good work Katya. I’m a big fan of meditation. I use the mindfulness app Headspace and really enjoy it. Keep going with your reboot. Love Mags

  2. I love this whole reboot idea. I must admit all my attempts at meditation and mindfulness in the past have failed because my mind just can’t relax and focus that easily but it’s great to see how if positively affects other people. Maybe one day I’ll be able to manage it.

    Bec x |

  3. You’re doing so well Katya!! FYI my mum used to drink five cups of tea a day and swapped to hot water with lemon and mint and now will drink nothing else! She said it took a few days to get used to but now that she has, she literally carries around a little tub of lemon and mint with her so she never has to have tea again 🙂 So maybe it won’t be so bad…

    1. Thanks Asma – it was my first day off coffee and squash and I was really grumpy! I didn’t think I’d suffer withdrawal symptoms but I have. I’m sure I’ll feel better soon though. That’s great that your mum has nailed it x

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