I Bloody Loved Marie Kondo-ing The Hell Out of my House

Marie Kondo wardrobe

Everyone should Marie Kondo.  Oh my god, I’m high on Marie Kondo!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of this lady, she’s a decluttering expert.  The main principle of her book ‘The Magic Art of Tidying Up’ is literally chuck out any of your possessions that don’t fill you with joy or that you haven’t used in the last 12 months.

This clear out challenge was week four or my six week reboot. So far I’ve done yoga, meditation and a week of drinking herbal tea and water, and without a doubt, this has been my most transformative week yet.

I was supposed to be doing 15 minutes of the Marie Kondo method per day for a week.  It didn’t quite work out as planned, but that was quite alright.

It went something like this:

  • Monday night: decluttered my bathroom cupboard for 15 minutes, chucked a load of toiletries out I don’t use. End result – amazing looking cabinet and easy access to all the products I use.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: in Belfast for work.  Zero streamlining.
  • Thursday morning: spent 90 mins auditing, organising and colour ordering my wardrobe. Concluded that there are a number of clothing items that are nice enough, but as I haven’t worn them for 12 months they need to go to the charity shop.  Feel liberated.
  • Friday: 7am – 2pm embarked on a ‘tidying up’ frenzy.  I attacked my office – books, files, paperwork all came flying off the shelves.  If the books didn’t light a little fire in my heart when I looked at them, I put them in the charity pile. I found it addictive and exhiliarating to be just left with the stuff that truly sings to my soul.  I consulted Pinterest and figured out how to organise my bookshelf in a more aesthetically pleasing and inspiring way. Delighted with the outcome.
  • Saturday – no more Marie Kondo-ing required.  I peaked on Friday.
Marie Kondo Pinterest Book Shelf Inspiration
Pinterest research on organising a book shelf
Marie Kondo bookcase
Marie Kondo-ed bookcase
Marie Kondo Beautifully curated books
Beautifully curated books
Marie Kondo debris
Mid Marie Kondo debris. My method of chucking everything from my office onto the landing.

Spending the week paring down my office and wardrobe, leaving me with just my favourite possesions has utterly focussed my mind and inspired me.  Because I’m starting a business and my worklife is starting to get busy and exciting, this couldn’t have been better timed.  With my new sparkly edited office and my spangly minimalist wardrobe, I’m ready to take on the world.

My next week’s challenge is to have a phone curfew from 8pm to 7am.  A pretty scary thought for me!  I’m hoping it will make me more relaxed in the evenings and help me sleep soundly.

My blogging friend Debbie is rebooting with me.  This week she gave up alcohol which took her off on an unexpected and positive tagent – read all about it here: Proper Foodie 

Marie Kondo wine
All the wine Debbie has missed out on this week!

4 thoughts on “I Bloody Loved Marie Kondo-ing The Hell Out of my House

  1. ooooh wow so jealous of all the organisation and neatness. My dining table has turned into my office dumping ground yet again – after id already got out of that habit once. Definitely need a bit of Marie Kondo in my life!!

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