5 Heathy Recipes For Quick, Easy Mid-Week Meals From Debbie at ProperFoodie.com

recipe Steak with rosemary potatoes and chimichurri

Hello! Debbie here again, with some tasty recipe inspiration for you.

After my first guest-blog-post for Katyascakehole back in February, which included very sweet and highly indulgent desserts, I am now back with some recipes that are a little kinder to the waistline.

Spring is has begun and summer is just a stones throw away, so I’ve started to think about those lighter, healthier meals which are great for warmer weather. October to March, for me, is all about lashings of mashed potato and butter, so its time to start thinking about vibrant salads, rustics grains and crunchy veg.

These 5 recipes are some of my favourite dishes for helping with that transition from winter to summer; healthy, colourful and satisfying.

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Chicken burritos with homemade chipotle sauce


recipe chicken burritos
Chicken burritos

Spicy chicken burritos stuffed with rice and avocado, served with a homemade fiery chipotle sauce, Greek yogurt and green chilli. 

recipe chicken burrito
Chicken burritos

Sticky honey glazed prawns with griddled greens


recipe Honey glazed prawns

Honey glazed prawnsSticky, honey glazed prawns with griddle asparagus and courgette ribbons. A dish I used as a Christmas dinner starter, but also perfect for a healthy spring salad.

 Steak platter with chimichurri, rosemary potatoes & avo salad


recipe Steak with rosemary potatoes and chimichurri
Steak with rosemary potatoes and chimichurri

Succulent strips of beef served with a fabulous, homemade Argentinian dip, which will liven up any steak.

Healthy chicken tikka curry with homemade tikka paste


A full flavoured healthy curry made using yogurt, ground almonds and a homemade tikka masala paste. I declare it shall be curry night, every night!

recipe Chicken Tikka Paste
Chicken tikka paste
recipe chicken tikka
Chicken tikka

Turmeric, lemongrass and noodle broth


recipe Turmeric lemongrass and coriander broth
Turmeric lemongrass and coriander broth

An Asian style spicy broth with turmeric, lemongrass and noodles. A filling soup, great for detoxing and revitalising.

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And here a pdf versions of all the recipes if you’d like to print them off:

Chicken burritos

Honey glazed prawns

Steak platter with chimichurri

Healthy chicken tikka curry

Turmeric lemongrass and noodle broth


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