Cooking The Books: The Green Kitchen

It wasn’t love at first sight with this book.  Well I was certainly in love with the beautiful photography, but when it came to the nitty gritty of choosing recipes to cook, I was less enamoured.

For some reason none of the recipes really jumped off the  page for me.  They looked difficult to make, had obscure ingredients and some of them sounded outright boring.

How wrong I was.  This is an inspirational book.

For those who don’t know anything about The Green Kitchen – it’s a vegetarian cookbook written by Scandinavian couple, David Frenkiel and Luisa Vindahl.  He’s a magazine photographer, she’s a nutritional therapist. Good combo.

I would describe their cookery as thoughtful, original and super healthy.  You feel so good after eating their food, full and yet light and satisfied.

I think it’s fair to say that we had revelations with these recipes.  The rye bread in particular blew our minds.  We couldn’t believe we’d made this dense, beautiful seedy rye bread.  The sense of achievement was epic.

And pistachio falafels with salsa and nut dip were sensational and just an interesting flavour.  As was the coconut and fennel tart made with an almond flour base.  Oh and the aubergine, hazelnut, ricotta parcel.  OMG they were good.  And what better way to eat food served and in wrapped parcels out of the oven.  The anticipation was fabulous.

This recipe book was definitely an education for me.  When vegetarian food tastes this good and complex and makes you feel this satisfied, why bother with meat?  It also demonstrated how different you can feel after a beautiful healthy dinner.  You feel well, and energetic and positive.


Pistachio falafels
Rye bread
Fennel and coconut tart
Sicilian parmigiana di zucchini
Hazelnut, aubergine, ricotta and mushroom parcels

Also Goods

Raspberry brownies
Green Kitchen cauliflower, apricot and coconut dahl
Cauliflower, apricot and coconut dahl
The Green Kitchen Decadent chocolate and beetroot cake
Decadent chocolate and beetroot cake

This is one of my favourite cookbooks of the year.  I think it’s a real achievement when a cookbook converts you to thinking differently about how and what you eat.  And as I said at the beginning it wasn’t love at first sight but more of a slowly igniting passion, which is way more interesting!

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