Veg Box Joy

If you’ve not been following my blog, I recently embarked on a ‘be good to the environment’ project.  Over six weeks, I will be taking on a weekly environmentally friendly food related challenge.

This past ten days I’ve been embracing Riverford veg boxes.  It’s all locally grown organic produce with no packaging other than the cardboard box it comes in which is re-used every week.  I liked the first one I received so much, that I ordered another one for the following week.

I can confirm that it has been a lovely experience receiving the veg boxes.  It’s a bit like receiving a gift every thursday as you don’t know what you’ll be getting, and all the veg are so gorgeous and fresh, it’s rather exciting.  And I like that the carrots still have their feathery green tops on and the potatoes are really dirty.  It all feels so real.

It’s been a different way for us to cook as well, as we’ve had to figure what to cook based on the ingredients we’ve been given.  Normally I’d pick the recipe then source the ingredients.

Luckily help was at hand because Riverford provide a leaflet each week with a recipe suggestion for the ingredients in the box.  I also have the excellent Riverford Spring Summer cookbook which gave us lots of inspiration too.

Have a browse through the photos below.  We have had some incredible meals in the last week.

Next week my environmental task is to use up lots of old bits and pieces in my cupboards.  I’ve had a rifle through and there’s bags of lentils, rye flour, egg noodles, spirulina and lots of other random stuff.  I’m going to see if I can reclaim some cupboard space and play a bit of ready steady cook with my leftovers!

veg box Broadbean and goats cheese fritters, sweet chilli sauce and butter fried chard

Broad bean, herb and goats cheese fritters, sweet chilli sauce and butter fried chard

veg box roast chicken and veg
Roast chicken and roasted veg
veg box Lamb stew with baby summer turnips
Lamb stew with baby summer turnips
veg box Ragu or green beans with tomatoes, olives and firinata
Ragu of green beans with tomatoes and olives
veg box courgette and spinach curry
Courgette and spinach curry

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