Weekly Eats 1st July

Weekly Eats Mayfield

Well I’m pretty excited to tell you about what I’ve been eating this week.  It’s been adventurous.

Let’s start on Tuesday when I went to the new healthy cafe that opened in Altrincham a few weeks ago.  It’s called Common Ground and it’s run by three retired Olympians.  That in itself makes it worth a visit. It’s a gorgeous venue – it’s utterly instagrammable with a beautiful minamalist interior and a lovely bright yard with colourful furniture.  Oh and it’s got cute real life dogs.  They specialise in great coffees and healthy cakes, although apparently they will be serving healthy food and (not so healthy) booze soon.  I loved the vibe of the place, it was relaxed, friendly and inspiring. And the sugar free, gluten free pistachio and rose cake I ate was truly excellent.

Weekly eats rose and pistachio cake
Rose and pistachio cake
Weekly Eats Common Ground's utterly Instagrammable yard
Common Ground’s utterly Instagrammable yard

And on Tuesday evening I embarked on my own healthy cake project.  I’d been browsing through my Love Bake, Nourish cookbook and liked the look of the chesnut and chocolate cake.  Instead of flour you use chestnut puree (500g of the stuff) and ground walnuts.  I can confirm that it tastes as delicious as it looks.  Very moist, sweet and fudgy.  I will be baking this again as it’s one of my favourite cakes of 2017 and guilt free too.

Weekly eats chestnut and chocolate cake
Chestnut and chocolate cake

Things got even more experimental on Wedsnesday.  I have wanted to try deep fried courgette flowers for a long time as I’d heard they are rather exceptional.  So as our abundant courgette plants were flowering this week I pounced on the opportunity.  We used a Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall recipe which involved stuffing the flowers with ricotta and fresh herbs, dipping them in a flour and sparkling water batter and deep frying them for a few minutes.  We served these crispy delights on a plate of our own home grown nasturium leaves and flowers.  We were pretty amazed at a) how good they looked and b) how incredibly tasty the were.

weekly eats Deep fried courgette flours with ricotta and herb stuffing
Deep fried courgette flours with ricotta and herb stuffing

On Saturday we ventured into town to test out the newly opened Mayfield.  Basically this is a bunch of lovely street food stalls hosted in the old Mayfield Railway Depot by Piccadilly station, featuring different cutting edge street stalls every week.  Have a look at the photo of the top of the blog to give you a flavour.  It was a fab friendly atmosphere, and whilst there weren’t a lot of stalls (perhaps six or seven in total), the food on offer was top notch.  I opted for a healthy and delicious mung dahl with roasted cauliflower, Jamie also went vegan but junk food vegan! He chose a Vietnamese vegan hot dog and fries.  I resisted the doughnut stall but when Jamie appeared with a cornflake and custard doughnut, I ended up scoffing an awful lot of Jamie’s!

weekly eats Mung dahl with roast cauliflower
Mung dahl with roast cauliflower

On our trip home from Mayfield’s because I hadn’t had a ‘full’ pudding having only had bites of Jamie’s doughnut, I felt I deserved a treat, so I nipped into the new Leon at Manchester Piccadilly and grabbed a gluten free brownie made with coffee, dark chocolate and orange zest.  It was lovely!

That’s it for this week, if you have any tips on interesting foodie places to go in Manchester do comment below, I’m always looking for ideas.

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