Down at The Unicorn

Unicorn goodies

I’ve totally slacked on reporting back on my last environmental challenge, which was doing a weekly shop at the Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton.  For those who haven’t been following, in the last couple of months I set myself six enviromental food challenges to do over six weeks (all fun ones I might add!).  The Unicorn is a co-operative serving a range of wholesome and organic foods, all sourced as locally as possible.  Committing to shopping there felt like a small and enjoyable enviromental gesture.

Although I billed this trip as my ‘weekly shop’,  the fact is on the day I was feeling lethargic, disorganised and grumpy.  I failed to write a list or think about what we needed for the week, but just decided to tip up and see what I fancied.   Despite my mardy mood, I took pleasure in my little jaunt to the Unicorn.  I thought stuff it, I’ll just be experimental and buy some weird shit that looks interesting!  This translated into vegan chocolate cake from the deli, cherries, peaches, alfafa sprouts, farro, sourdough rye bread, cashews with black pepper and other random bits and bobs.

In terms of conducting a serious experiment I can’t report back and tell you if you can do your weekly shop successfully in the Unicorn, I don’t think I could as it’s a vegan supermarket and there were a few practical basics missing for me.  But it’s a great grocery shop – I felt especially heartened and happy to see all the beautifully, largely locally grown veg lovingly piled up at the front of the store.  The veg looked more rugged and intriguing than the uniform produce you see in supermarkets. I’m down with that!  Knowing that the money I was spending in the Unicorn was going to local farmers who put a lot of love and care into growing these veg was a nice feeling – one I’ve only recently becoming acquainted with.

My trip to the Unicorn piqued my curiousity and made me crave for a more wholesome shopping experience, where I get to be closer to the food chain and have an understanding of where my food has come from.  And how lovely that the staff at the Unicorn all genuinely care about the food and know where it’s come from.

And! The peaches and cherries were EXCEPTIONAL – so so juicy and sweet, and the sourdough rye bread was really excellent too.  Everything was good but those items stood out.

So what’s next for me and my quest to try a bit harder with the environment?  Well I definitely still want to strive to continue my environmental education and see what I can do to improve my contribution to the planet, but as always it’s going to have to be fun!  Watch this space – I’ll be telling you all about it soon.


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