Help, I’m in a Wine Rut!

Cracking Wine Katya posing with a very expensive wine in front of the Cracking Wine van

I do love a glass of wine, but I’ve definitely fallen out of love with Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc, my go to supermarket picks.  I know there’s more to wine than this. Surely I could be giving my tastebuds a bit more of an adventure?

Who better to assist me in broadening my wine horizons, than Janet Harrison who runs Cracking Wine? And here she is with a load of great suggestions, I can’t wait to tuck in:

Cracking Wine Janet taking in the aromas of a nice rosé
Janet taking in the aromas of a nice rosé

So, a refreshing change to be asked if I’d tried any good wines recently.  You see my friend Katya is in what I call a wine buying rut.  Like most people she’s a bit tired of Sauvignon Blanc (you’ll get there eventually) and so overwhelmed with the amount of ‘easy drinking reds’ on offer, she tends to keep buying the same ones.

The up side of having such great supermarket ranges and independent wine stores is that we all have a huge choice, but as anyone who shops in the massive M&S in Manchester will tell you, it is easier to pick the nearest thing and make a bolt for it – and who buys all those cardigans?

Anyway, I digress.

I only need to flick through the recent pictures on my smartphone to see what I’ve been slurping recently – not that I NEED to photograph to remember (ahem).

You see my glass is always full – well, that’s until it’s empty of course.

Here are my current top picks if, like Katya, you are stuck in a wine buying rut.  There are versions of all these wines at supermarkets, independent stores and in restaurants, it all depends on your budget and whether you are splurging at the weekend or just celebrating #WineWednesday.

White for easy drinking/light meals:

Albariño: A good news story from the Galicia region of Spain and gorgeous wine too (think of Al Pacino if you can’t remember the name).  The one I bought that is pictured below is from Define Food and Wine.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous wine shop, deli and cafe near Nantwich.

White wine for more substantial meals or cheese:

Montagny: This is a white wine from Burgundy – enough said.  If you are an ABC (anything but Chardonnay) I challenge you to try, but do so with some cheese or light meat dishes which have a creamy sauce.  This is a fabulous one from Waitrose, and Aldi will be bringing out a corking version in November.

Light easy drinking red:

Wines from Portugal seem to be everywhere at the moment.  Try this Porta 6 from Majestic Wine – it also has a jolly picture of a Lisbon tramcar on the front.

Cracking Wine A Montagny, a Porta 6 and an Albariño. Happy drinking times ahead for Katya!
A Montagny, a Porta 6 and an Albariño. Happy drinking times ahead!

Heavier red with hearty meals:

Warning….splurge alert!  I’m not a massive fan of Australian Shiraz – I find it a bit overpowering sometimes, but this Vinteloper Shiraz from the Adelaide Hills is certainly worth the cash.  Imported by the fabulously quirky Red Squirrel Wines, they seek out rare and special wines made with love.

It is delicious!

You’re very welcome.


Cracking Wine
Don’t drop the Vinteloper Shiraz! It’s £40’s worth of wine.

Janet Harrison runs Cracking Wine, providing fun and informal wine tasting events in the North.  She also runs the only wine festival dedicated to Champagne and Sparkling wine in the UK, it’s called the Fizz Festival and it’s coming up in November at Altrincham Town Hall.



2 thoughts on “Help, I’m in a Wine Rut!

  1. Haha i’m an ABC, I’m glad to hear i’m not the only one!

    I would love to splurge on some good tasting wines, i keep picking up dodgy ones at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration, that Vinteloper is going on my list!

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